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I started as a graduate trainee with KPMG like fifteen years ago, I know it is quite a long time compared to the present time we are in right now but that doesn’t mean everything will have totally changed. And the truth is that am no longer their employee because I resigned as a senior manager some few years ago from the establishment.

Am taking the pain to write this experience not to discourage anyone or condemn any organization but to provide a brief insight into how the organization operates and to highlight the advantages and the disadvantages of working for them so that even before accepting their offer, you can know what you are in for.

So, as I said before, I started as a graduate trainee with KPMG after my university education, even though I wasn’t an accounting student but I was seriously trained on the job about everything I will need to know about my new profession.

As a graduate trainee, I wasn’t given much to do but rather was made to learn from my senior colleagues in the team and after a while was asked to make a seminar presentation about what I have learned, although the seminar topic was given in advance to me so that I can dig into their library and be well prepared before the day of the presentation and mind you the presentation must be in PowerPoint, so if you don’t have that skills before, it is another part of the learning you will have to equip yourself with.

 After working with them for a year, I was given the mandate to obtain my certification in Accounting fully sponsored by KPMG, otherwise known in some parlance as all-expense paid to the final, remember I wasn’t an accounting student from the beginning, so I had to pass through three different levels before I was actually certified as a chartered accountant and all this was on KPMG and not my salary.

I was made to go round the different arms that they have, namely: auditing, tax, and advisory although I was majorly based in auditing because you can’t do everything in KPMG. You will be trained to be either of the following: Auditor, tax consultant or financial advisory. Why I didn’t mention accountant is that it is a normal thing that everyone that works with them is by default trained accountant due to the virtue of having to compulsorily go through ICAN which they pay for on behalf of each individual.

To cut the long story short, working with them was really worth it for me as an individual because their salary is really worth it, also they will give you a world-class training that will give you an edge even when you resign from them and it will afford you the opportunity of traveling around this country and sometimes even out of the country depending on your rank, so if you are the type that enjoys moving around, you have just found the perfect job for yourself.

Some people will say that don’t they have anything that will make you not want to work for them? Well you know that they are among the big four, so they are actually an international firm and as such is expected to be up to standard which they have perfectly done but the only thing I can complain about them is that the workload is too much, you will rarely have time for yourself when working for them but be rest assured you will be handsomely compensated which I believe is a fair bargain.