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Johnsons baby oil

Johnson’s baby oil is one of the popular brands of baby oil in Nigeria, it is manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, some of the company products include Johnson’s baby powder, Johnson’s baby shampoo, Johnson’s baby lotion, Johnson’s baby wipes, Johnson’s baby cream, and Johnson’s baby oil. These are some of the company’s baby products and this list is not exhaustive.

For those who are still not clear about the function of a baby oil or who still thinks that it is just to make the baby oily or might give the baby an oily skin, this is very untrue because the main function of a baby oil is that it acts as a moisturizers meaning it locks in the moisture of the baby skin under the oil and does not allow the moisture to be lost to the environment thereby giving the baby a comfortable and well-moisturized skin.

When you are about to use a baby oil, it will be normally cold and babies don’t like anything cold even this applies to us as adult, so you will need to warm it up before you can apply it to the skin of your baby, you can warm it up by putting the quantity you want to use in your palm and rub it between your palms for some seconds before applying it on your baby or you can put the bottle of oil in the warm oil that the baby is intending to use for bathing but you must make sure to cover the bottle of the baby oil tightly so that water won’t get into the oil and finally you can place the bottle of baby oil into the microwave and warm for 15seconds but you must make sure there is no metal in the oil in the first place.

Johnson & Johnson produces different varieties of baby oil, some of his varieties of baby oil includes:

johnsons baby oil with aloe Vera and vitamin E which not only lock in the moisture of the baby skin but also makes their delicate skin to be smooth and takes care of rashes.

Johnsons Shea and cocoa butter baby oil which after taking care of moisturizing will also help to soften the baby skin further and can help to calm the baby skin in case of inflammatory diseases while at the same time forms a protective barrier over the surface of your baby skin.

The prices of johnsons baby oil range from N1800 to N3500 which is quite cheap for all the benefits that your baby will get from this wonderful product.