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Parental guide during COVID-19 lockdown

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COVID-19 is a virus that affects all and not only the adults, in fact, most adults would have forgotten their wards when planing their defense against COVID-19 because according to them, the virus is not looking for them but this is just a myth.

Children are one of the most easier ways for the virus to get into your family because children like to hug, hold and put themselves in the way of a lot of contacts with each other even more than adults and even if you tell your child not to touch you, he will definitely demand a reason from you because to him, this is not normal.

Also during this lockdown, am sure some children will have had the golden opportunity of seeing their parents in the daytime and not only that but fully kitted like egungun(i.e. with a face mask and hand glove) and I know these kids will definitely want to know what is wrong since that is not your normal dress code.

On these, the NCDC has released a document to help parents out during this difficult situation, you can take a look at the document and incorporate some of their methods into yours when dealing with your kids in a time like this.

ParentingGuide page 001

ParentingGuide page 002

ParentingGuide page 003
ParentingGuide page 004
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Kids are who they are, they don’t want to be indoors at all and likes hugging, so they are actually very difficult to control in this season  but we just have to try and do our job