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customer service review

Guaranty trust bank (GTB) had always been a bank I so much liked in Nigeria, although it still came second on my list after Zenith bank when it comes to speedy customer service but I was kind of proved wrong yesterday when I tried to just unblock my account at their branch in Ikotun Egbe, Alimosho local government. In fact, I almost left the bank out of annoyance, as it is purely unacceptable.

I got to the branch at 2:15 pm and left their premises at 4:15 pm making a total of 2hours of my precious time wasted on just a minute issue and not wasted but all this time was wasted on standing, imagine two good hours on standing, are they attending to the whole of Ikotun citizens? Well, let me highlight some of the things done by the staff to make the process very very long and undesirable.


Imagine they taking up to 30 minutes to attend to just a customer, in fact I even forget that the man was still there until the customer care representative told him to go and pick a form after 30 minutes he had been sitting before the representative, you may be asking why did I notice this man, He jumped the queue and cause an uproar, so this made him quite spectacular and imagine forgetting about the incidence only for you to hear that the same man should go and pick up a form , then you would ask a question” What had the customer care representative been doing with him ever since? Maybe gisting with him while we stay in the queue.


On getting to my turn after close to 2hrs, after explaining my predicament to the customer care representative, she did the needful and told me to write a letter, which is the normal procedure, I was given a plain sheet, after designing the letter, lo and behold the customer representative I spoke to was nowhere to be found, it was a different person entirely, I have to reexplain my to her but she told me she can’t attend to me, so I have to go to the next customer care and explain also, which she also said she cannot attend to me also but redirected me to the first customer care I spoke to who had been replaced by someone else. I went back to her and she later attended to me and made me rewrite the same letter all over again. I was totally pissed off by the time I left that branch.


If I am to rate that branch customer service, it will be negative and not zero and the funny thing is that, this is the first time am making use of that branch customer service, and I can say that it is terrible, I know some of this same bank branches that I can resolve this issue within 15-30mins, in fact when I place the restriction on the account, I didn’t spend up to 30 minutes at the Ikeja branch of the same bank. I can say this particular branch customer service is very disappointing and the authority of the bank should find out ways of improving their customer service.