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Guaranty trust bank has been a bank that always wants to have dominance in the banking sector since its inception, which well didn’t bother to find out since I only care about how they serve me or my purpose. The first thing I liked about the bank then was their zero opening account balance and even you can withdraw to zero naira, meaning you don’t have to leave anything in your account when you are short of funds and they won’t even charge you for any monthly charge.

Trust me as a student then, I picked a race from United Bank of Africa (UBA) that demands that I don’t withdraw below N1000  and charges me N100 monthly to service my account. Any little kobo to us as a student matters then, although the case has changed now. GTB actually used that method to take over a lot of other bank customers, not only UBA.

And trust me, since then they have to keep up the game with a lot of other innovations in the banking industry, although some of them to me are not relevant but might be relevant to someone else.

So their new upgrade which they just sent me and which is very relevant to me is the USSD code for blocking your account(*737*51*10#) without having to call any weak and tired telecommunication staff. This is very good because I could remember a user here that shared an encounter of losing her phone only to quickly call MTN to block her USSD transfer but was answered by an irritated lady.

Am not trying to come here to sing the praises of GTB because soon I will unleash some of their shortcoming I have experienced but this USSD code for blocking your account is very laudable because one of their hotline numbers( either the one with 2900 or 3900) am not really too sure for now is always picked by an aboki and I really liked the man because he didn’t impersonate the bank, he outrightly denied that he is GTB even when I addressed him as such.

So one of the things I find quite annoying with the bank is the loading of their ATM machine, especially the one at Jakande gate, Ejigbo. It is like when they are closed for business on Friday, their staff will withdraw all the monies and put it back on Monday morning. I don’t know if they don’t use need money during the weekend. An upgrade will also be needed in that area.

But this upgrade is only meant for people whose phones are not stolen alongside their wallet. if your phone is stolen, the only option left to you is to call their hotlines.


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The day, I had an issue with my card, my legs nearly break waiting for their customer care to attend to me, don't let me talk too much but their customer care is really too slow.

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