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Polaris bank that was formerly called Skye is one of the banks here in Nigeria that I have used and experienced their service and I can tell you how it went so that at the end, I can give you my opinion about their service and you can also deduce whether their service is worthwhile or not.

 So straight  to the point, my first time of using Polaris bank, I was in the bank from as early as 9 am and I didn't leave the banking hall until 1 pm without even achieving  my aim of being in the banking  hall, which is to make a withdrawal

This incidence  happened  during the COVID-19  lockdown  and also the staffs complained  that their network  isn't working so for that day, I was not able to withdraw but only transfer to another bank so that I can use my ATM card to withdraw

So my second experience with Skye bank was also during the lockdown but in the following month that I had the previous unpleasant experience with the same bank, but I was surprised that I didn't spend up to 30minutes  in the same bank before I was given my cash and on my way out.

So putting these two experience together from the same bank, here are some of my observations:

Staffs: their staffs were very helpful even though the problem they faced was beyond their power but they were polite enough to tell me and also make suggestions as to how I might be able to make use of other channels that will ease the problem so that I can be on my way to do other things.

Internet service: Polaris bank network service is not too good because if it could go down for a full working day and nothing could be done to bring it up, then it calls to questions as to how efficient their IT staffs are and knowing fully well that you can't do business without an internet connection.  Although  I can allow this to slide a bit because it seems to be a general problem here in Nigeria. 

But in all, I am still impressed by how Polaris bank functions because if not for that network glitch of that day, I would have rated them 100% efficient in their service but I can give them 70%.



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