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EVa gold

I don’t want to advertise anybody’s product, but actions call for it when the product performs exceptionally to my taste, which may not be for everyone since one man’s meat is another man’s poison. So for those using toilet soaps like me, Eva gold is perfect.

What I like about Eva gold is that it is quite massive in size if you know what I mean, it is huge when compared to other soaps, and this gives the advantage of the soap not quickly disappearing (i.e. it lasts longer than most soaps) and the fragrance of the Eva gold is very captivating and last long, if you are bathing in the bathroom, the person in the sitting room will definitely be perceiving the fragrance of your bathing soap.

And also I tend to leave the soap paper in my room so that the same fragrance can stick to my sitting room as I so much enjoyed it. This wonderful product is made in Naija by Evans Industries Limited, although the location was not given.

The ingredients used in making the soap includes sodium palmate, sodium palm kernelate, fragrance, deionized water, sodium chloride, glycerine, titanium dioxide, tetra sodium EDTA, colour and silk protein extract. Made from 100% pure vegetable oil and contain no animal fat.

Eva gold.

Eva soap ...

Eva soap and bar

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