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Imperial leather soap without label  

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Imperial leather is actually a good soap but the bar is quite small for me and it dissolves quickly, well people may have other opinions but this is my take on the topic, and the funny thing is that for the first time I decided to try out this soap, the label was missing from the soap. 

I know from the previous reviews here that the soap comes with a label that doesn't dissolve or remove even when the soap has almost vanished but I was just disappointed that the one I bought does not come with any label, maybe it is a fake or just a mistake during the production. Please someone should help me out on this issue and let me know whether it is safe to use. 

Below are the pictures of the imperial soap without its prestigious label.


imperial leather soap
imperial leather soap.
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Hey! This is Amir from Pakistan. I want to tell you that Imperial Leather soap is a great bathing soap, but unfortunately Pakistan government has put ban on many imports to boost its local industry and it's been months that a fake soap here in markets is being sell with the same picking cover and size is of original Imperial Leather, I realised it after the use of it for the 1st time. Be aware! The soap you've bought is fake! Thanks!