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Imperial leather

This has been my favorite soap as long as I can remember, Imperial leather soap is manufactured by PZ Cussons in Nigeria and I can call it the soap for Nigerians and by Nigerians due to some facts I have seen and experienced while using the product. Some of these facts are stated below for the consumer's digest and critic


If the hardness of soaps is measured and compared, imperial leather will be one of the hardest soap on the planet earth, and you might be wondering if this is a good thing. Yes, it is because it will make the soap dissolve slower than the softer soaps. Although you must have to scrub a bit harder to get the lather on your body but not really hard because the soap even though hard still lather easily.

The hardness of the soap has some advantages, I have noticed during usage, one of such is that the soap is densely packed giving the user a firm grip during usage and they made the tablet in such a way that it will fit into an average adult palm easily thereby enhancing more of the grip needed during usage. To further buttress this point, the stamped logo of the brand doesn’t dissolve with the soap, rather it will almost untouched even when all the soaps surrounding it has dissolved, this feature is very unique to imperial leather, I have not seen a soap that has such a feature but please if you have seen such , please you can also let me know.


The perfume of the soap is really nice, strong but not suffocating and it has a long-lasting effect on the user. For those who are allergic to strong perfume-like me, this soap’s perfume is perfectly okay. I can’t stand a strong perfume, it will give me a headache and it will be like am suffocating, this soap perfume doesn’t have that effect on me, it blends with me very well.


Imperial leather is a soap I will like to use any day due to some of the facts I have mentioned above, I may not have noticed some other facts about this soap which you can still bring to my attention for the benefit of other users and me also  but this is a product I can recommend anytime, anyway because it is well made and I have been using this product close to twenty-eight years now.