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Emily millionaire shampoo

In my previous post, I made mention of what shampoos are and different types of shampoos in the market and their functions, for those that miss that post, you can read it here by clicking this link here. So today I will be going further into brands of shampoos in the Nigerian market but I will give my readers the opportunity to tell us out of the list below, the ones they have used and how does it measure up to their expectation

So here are the list of the brands of shampoos in the Nigeria market, please feel free to add the brand that is not here to the list in the comment and how well does the shampoo perform.

So let start:

  1. El-glittas hair wonder natural shampoo
  2. Olive oil creaming aloe shampoo
  3. African Naturalistas black moisturizing natural shampoo
  4. Kui Natural hair Tea tree and Cinnamon moisturizing shampoo
  5. Crème of Nature Argan Oil from Morocco shampoo
  6. Natures gentle touch shampoo
  7. Hawaiian Silky shampoo
  8. Hermani anti-hair loss shampoo
  9. Mara Cruiz organic shampoo
  10. Oriki Argan and Sulphur treatment shampoo
  11. Hairven shampoo
  12. Topklass shampoo
  13. Dark and lovely argan oil shampoo
  14. Promaxx shampoo
  15. Venus shampoo
  16. Vinoz shampoo
  17. Apple beauty shampoo
  18. Soulmate shampoo
  19. Lemon sage shampoo
  20. Nexus shampoo
  21. VO5 herbal escape hair shampoo
  22. Shea butter moisturizing cream shampoo
  23. Revlon shampoo
  24. Olori conditioning shampoo
  25. AfroRiri hair shampoo
  26. Medipure Hair and scalp anti-dandruff shampoo
  27. Hair lush herbal shampoo
  28. Longrich hair shampoo
  29. Black hair shampoo
  30. Dop shampoo
  31. Nature vital henna shampoo
  32. Palmolive shampoo
  33. Sulfur B deep cleansing shampoo
  34. Cantu sulfate-free cleansing cream shampoo
  35. Dove shampoo
  36. Hair fruits shampoo
  37. Tresemme shampoo
  38. L’oreal Paris hair shampoo
  39. Keratin classic shampoo
  40. Roushun olive shampoo