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Lux paper back

Lux beauty soap is a very nice toilet soap for the body and most probably for the family because since it is toilet soap, anybody can use it, unlike the medicated soaps that are most likely going to be somehow specific for some skin ailments that can be easily cured by soaps.

Well, I have been using Lux soap for quite some time now and felt it will be good to write about it for some other persons that will like to know how this soap really performs in the bathroom and outside it.

Lux back view

I will start with the fragrance which is quite captivating and romantic if I may use this word, the fragrance is soft to the nose and not harsh like some perfumes I have come across, the only thing is that the fragrance quickly wear off after some minutes after leaving the bathroom probably to give space for your deodorants and perfumes.

Next is the soap bar which is quite handy, i.e. it fits perfectly into your hand and lather very easily once the water is soft and pure, although the soap bar dissolves quite too fast for me, it is still perfect because it will make sure that I have enough sweet-scented lathers all around me as I bathe.

Finally, it is a soft soap, i.e. it is very soft on the skin, making it very enjoyable for bathing. I really like this soap.

Lux out of the packet
 Lux bar soap