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Baby oil just as the name implies is an oil used for moisturizing the delicate skin of a baby and it works by locking in the moisture left on the skin of the baby and does not allow it to evaporate thereby leading to a well-moisturized skin for your baby throughout the day and this will save you a lot of troubles because when babies are uncomfortable due to any reason, they won't stop crying and you as a parent or the mother must detect the cause of the discomfort and make it right, that’s why the baby oil keeps them moisturized all day long and prevent dry skin which will make them uncomfortable. If you are interested in more about this check out my previous post on baby oil for more.

As the saying goes “What is good for the goose is also good for the gender”, so meaning what is good for your baby is also good for you although there are some exceptions like your baby formula which I know that many mothers still taste to know if it is hot or cold enough for the baby before feeding, long throat.

Let not waste our time and delve into other uses of baby oil as pertaining to the adult, some of the uses that an adult can make use of includes the following:


Probably when your own cream empties and you are yet to get another one, your baby oil is a good moisturizer for you too, or probably you might even stay with it and use it as your own pomade, there is nothing wrong in that, in fact, some of the baby oil comes with aloe vera which also helps to smoothen your skin and some come with Shea butter also which is great for skins irritations, so why purchase another pomade when your baby oil is right beside you.


Everyone shaves, which creates a market for shaving gel, if you don’t have your shaving gel, just apply a thin layer of baby oil and you are good to shave.


You can produce lips scrub from baby oil by mixing 1 teaspoon of baby oil, ½ teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of lemon juice. Every night before bed she rubs it lightly on her lips to remove dead skin. This is mostly for the ladies/mamas that want their lips to be very soft and well attractive.


For those that wax any body part for hair removal, you can apply the baby oil after waxing and wipe it off to remove any residue of wax from your skin.


Apply baby oil around the areas where your nail enters your skin, before you apply the paint on your nails, the baby oil will prevent the paint from entering into the skins that cover the nails by the sides.


Moisture cotton bud with baby oil and use it to remove eye shadow and eyeliner.


For those with temporary tattoos, you can easily remove them with baby oil, just dampen a cotton bud with baby oil and wipe the tattoo off but for those with a permanent tattoo, that will have to take more than baby oil.


Want a massage and don’t have massage oil at home, just grab a bottle of baby oil and you are good to go.



Having a tight ring around your finger can be nasty and uncomfortable and you can just take a hack saw to saw it off, well you even don’t need that, just take your baby oil and apply a little around the ring, it will come off very easily without bruising your finger.


When the children come home with their hair messed up with bubble gum, all you have to do is to oil up their hair with baby oil and afterward comb their hair and off comes the bubble gum.


For those with scaly feet, when you are about to go to bed, rub baby oil on your feet especially if you have the one with aloe vera extract, and go to bed. The oil will work overnight and make your feet soft, although you will need to repeat the process until you get a good result.

The list of other uses of baby oil presented here is not exhaustive, you can still share with us more uses you are aware of that is not listed here for others to benefit also