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Premier soap with Aloe Vera extract is a very nice product and I will highlight some of the reasons am giving it the thumbs up, the reasons are stated below:

premier soap with aloe vera

DUAL FUNCTION: Premier Aloe Vera extract soap can act as your laundry soap and at the same time as your bathing soap, for those you don’t want to spend much and will like something gentle on both their cloth and body at the same time, premier soaps, in general, are your best option although I would recommend that you separate your laundry soap from your bathing soap (i.e. not using the same bar soap to bathe and do your laundry at the same time) meaning you will need to get two different premier bar soaps. This advice is mainly due to hygiene and nothing else, because I can’t imagine using the same bar soap you use to wash your undergarment and then you just transferred it into the bathroom for bathing, that will be very gross.

MILD: Premier Aloe Vera extract soap is very gentle on the skin, seriously I didn’t feel any itching or have to be scratching my body during usage which is one of the symptoms of harsh soaps for me and that’s the same way it will act on your clothes.

DISOLVABLITY: The dissolution of the soap in water is moderate, it doesn’t dissolve very fast neither thereby making the bar disappear quickly neither does it dissolve very slowly thereby not making it to easily form a lather.

The only thing I see about this product that some people may not like is that the fragrance is not too strong, so for the lovers of strong fragrance, this soap may not be your best option but for people like me, that don’t love too powerful fragrance, then this is the best option.

premier soap with aloe vera.