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Imperial leather

This is one of my favorite bathing soap and the reason I love it is that it is very mild on the skin and gentle but apart from the perfume on it is very inviting and long-lasting.

The soap is very tough, meaning it doesn’t melt easily but what really baffles me about this soap is how the manufacturers were able to balance the hardness of the soap and the ability for it to lather easily with minimum effort because I could remember this our local soap called “Kogi” they are always very hard but they don’t lather easily thereby making them last long but the case of imperial leather is not the same.

Another surprising thing about imperial leather soap is that no matter how hard you use it to scrub your body, the part of the soap where the paper that shows the logo of the soap will forever remain with the soap, in fact, it is the last part of the soap that will remain even after all the soap had dissolved. This fact still amazes me and I have been gathering those remnants of the soap.

left over of imperial soap

Maybe some ingredient of the soap will shed more light to this fact; ingredient include: soapbase, talc, fragrance, water, glycerine, Cl 74260, Cl 77220, Cl 11680, Cl 71105 and Cl77891

This wonderful product is manufactured by PZ Cussons Nigeria PLC, located at 23, Margaret Avenue, Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.

Imperial leather .