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Abukiaplus is a business that is into decorations, both interior and exterior decoration, if you are looking for a decorator with taste and elegance, we have the combination of both and can transform both your office and home into a paradise on earth and for your outdoor events, we are sure to dazzle your guests with our designs, be it the popular owanbe or official events, abukiaplus is your sure bet.

Our business is located in Lagos state and you can contact us through the following channels 


Phone number: 09020843394, 08033878531

Here is our business card that describes us in just two line:

IMG 20201006 WA0000

We will be leaving pictures of some of the works we have done for clients as proof that we are experts in what we do

Ballon decoration (2)
ballon decoration 1
ballon decoration
Ballons decoration for birthday
chaurch altar decoration1
church altar decoration 3
Church altar decoration
church altar decoration 2
church hall decoration 1
church hall decoration (2)
church hall decoration
Engagement decoration with a natural feel
flower decoration 2
flower decoration 3
flower decoration 4
flower decoration 5
Flower decoration
Happy birthday
Reception decoration 2
reception decoration 3
reception decoration for bride and groom
reception decoration
wedding decoration (2)
Wedding decoration (3)
wedding decoration (5)
wedding decoration 1
wedding decoration 3
wedding decoration 4
wedding decoration 5
wedding decoration 6
Wedding decoration 7
Wedding decoration 8
Wedding decoration 9
Wedding decoration 11
wedding decoration 13
wedding decoration 12
wedding decoration 15 (2)
wedding decoration 15
Wedding decoration 17 (2)
wedding decoration 14
wedding decoration 16
Wedding decoration
wedding decoration 17
wedding in progress
wedding reception decoration 1
wedding reception decoration 4
wedding reception decoration 5
wedding reception decoration 6
wedding reception decoration
wedding reception decoration 7
wedding reception decoration 3
Wedding reception decoration 2

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