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Problems common to some peculiar car brands in Nigeria

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Problems common to some peculiar car brands in Nigeria

It is no longer news that all cars have one problem or the other ranging from issues such as grinding brakes to gasket leaks, but some cars are definitely the most problematic of the rest.

However, it is very pertinent for you to know which cars are a good choice for you but in addition to knowing which cars are good to buy, it would be great to know which ones to avoid. Some cars just simply have more problems than others on average, and you shouldn’t expect that your experience will be any different if you buy one.

Below are some car brands and problem associated with them:

1. Honda

It is a common car brand used in Nigeria.
Despite the fact that Honda is full of lovely and irresistible packages; the brand still has its own challenges, just like its other competitors.
After much observation, we have come to realize that there are similar issues Honda users grumble about. Below are some of the regular challenges Nigerians grumbles about when it comes to Honda cars.

A. Ball joint failure problem
Ball joint failure is the commonest defect when it comes to Honda. As a result of this, most Nigerians find it difficult to patronize the brand, and this applies most to the Honda Accord brand. This has become a slogan for most Nigerians who say that they are not prepared for the many surprises that come with Honda products.

B. Transmission failure
Transmission failure is one problem that is commonly grumbled about by those who use Honda. After travelling some miles, a lot of persons have complaints about how the transmission starts to develop problems, and in most cases, leave them stranded on the road. Issues such as delayed gear change, surging of vehicle, grinding noise in the transmission, gear slip, etc. These issues, in most cases, usually leave the owner with no other choice than to buy a new transmission.

C. Oil and coolant leaks problem
Honda cars vary from model to model. The owners of some particular brands have complained of oil and coolant leakage. The engine oil sometimes leaks at the surface, or coolants make their way into the combustion chamber as a result of a damaged head gasket
Failure to power window switch
Some Honda automobiles’ default power window switch causes the power windows to stop working from time to time.

However, the problems still varies from model to model. There are some specific model of the brand that comes with specific issues.

Honda Accord
If you’re a gambler, you may want to place bets on how long your Honda Accord’s brakes will last. In particular, the rear brakes on the mid-size sedan wear out at various intervals. One of the most reported problems of any car, Honda Accord rear brakes have been documented to last from as low as 11,000 miles before requiring brake pad and rotor replacement.
The normal symptoms include a significant brake pulsation that can cause you nearly to lose control of your car. Squealing and grinding when you press the brake pedal is common, so don’t be surprised when you’re informed at every oil change that you’ll need new brakes soon.
The culprit cars are the eighth-generation Honda Accords, from 2008 to 2012.

Honda Civic
The world’s best-selling car also has a reputation as one of the most problematic. The Honda Civic has developed notoriety for throwing on the Check Engine Light right before the transmission fails. Just to be clear, the problem is the transmission.
Many transmission failures have been noted right around 60,000 miles. It starts out as with a hesitation to accelerate that quickly becomes a hesitation to move at all, where the engine is revving up like the transmission is in neutral.
The offending cars are Honda Civics from 2001 to 2005, though other years may still exhibit transmission problems to a lesser extent.

2. Ford Explorer

The popular Ford SUV has had its ups and downs. When it was first introduced in the 90s, the Explorer made a name for itself because it was smaller than its big brother, the full-size Bronco. It achieved better fuel mileage and had some of the luxuries that weren’t introduced in the larger truck-like SUVs.
After several years, the Ford Explorer became plagued with problems that tarnished its name. It was nicknamed the “Exploder” after Firestone tire issues caused accidents. Then, the 2002 Explorer became the most troublesome vehicle on record after transmission issues became evident. Thousands of Ford Explorers required transmission replacements because they simply degraded internally.
If there’s one vehicle to avoid over all others, it’s the 2002 to 2004 Ford Explorer.

3. Ford-F150

Known as the best-selling truck in North America is also known as one of the most problematic vehicles. You may think that your F-150’s 5.4-liter engine with broken spark plugs is the reason, but you’d be mistaken.
Ford’s popular pickup is here because of frequent, recurring window problems. In most cases, the window rolls down easily enough but won’t roll back up. It could be any of the windows, although the most frequent complaint is the driver’s front window, also the most used window in any vehicle. The correction is simply a replacement window regulator, but your guess is as good as the next guy’s about when you’ll experience it again. It’s like window roulette.
You can expect window problems in your eleventh-generation Ford F-150, from 2004 to 2008.

4. Hyundai Elantra

Take your pick of problems with the Hyundai Elantra. There are a handful of common complaints across a wide range of years, but most commonly noted are tire blowouts, grinding brakes, and rough-running engines.
Specifically, grinding brakes are the most common issues the Elantra experiences. Brake pads and rotors have to be replaced frequently – way more often than should be necessary.
2013 Hyundai Elantras are by far the most problematic.
Please feel free to add other cars you have also observed to be problematic for the benefit of others







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