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Energy-saving bulbs are the best way to go now, they are very economical for those using prepaid meters, as they help to conserve or lower the amount of energy the household will consume over a period of time and also reduces the amount of heat generated by the bulb itself as they are mostly manufactured using LEDs (light-emitting diodes) rather than the traditional filaments used in the previous bulbs.

Ecomin energy-saving bulb is one of such bulbs presently in the market and have been saving the people well, here are some of my observations about the product:

Durability: Ecomin energy-saving bulb is durable in that it lasts very long before the bulb no longer function, and all the body part of the bulb except the contact part are made of plastic, which means even if it drops out of the lamp holder, you can be sure to come and pick up your bulb without any damage.

Affordability: both the 10W and 15W are very affordable, they won’t put a hole in your pocket at all.

The only thing I see about this product is that the 15W models are done in such a way that the screw lines holding the cover covering the LEDs are almost not existing thereby making the cover to fall off consistently until I have to use cello tape to hold the two pieces together so as to prevent the falling.

The manufacturers should please put that singular defect in order to make this product perfect. This is a very nice product.


Ecomin 10W
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