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I just across a device that I would like to call a portable phone holder for some reason which I will be mentioning soon, although I am not too sure whether the name I gave to it is very appropriate but it should do for now. The image of what I am talking about is just below here:

phone holder

This device is meant to hold your phone for you while you are busy enjoying your movies or even music on your phone and it will relieve you the stress of holding your hands up for several hours.

This device weighs just like a feather, meaning it is very light because the frame is made of something between plastic or a very light metal, thereby making it almost weightless.

Also, it is foldable for those who want to travel and would like to reduce the space allocated to this device for their enjoyment, which makes it very easy to move about when necessary.

And finally, the placement holder for the phone is extensible, as we all know that not all phones are of the same length, the device is holder is spring-loaded to allow for different types and sizes of phones as the case may be, all you just have to do is to extend the back and place your phone inside it and release, the spring will definitely hold your device in place while you continue enjoying it.

phone holder1