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Unitek royal wall socket comes in doubles or singles like all wall sockets should and it is quite fancy compared to some other wall sockets in that it had light as indicators to show if it is working (i.e. whether the fuse is in good condition or bad) as this will help the user to know if it is good or bad without opening it.

Well straight to the point of this review, Unitek royal wall socket is not durable when it comes to usage in the home but it is very affordable, my experience with one of such single of this same brand is not really good at all because I had to quickly look for cutting pliers to cut out the supply wire to it as it had already smoked the whole room and was badly melted, thank God we discovered it early and it didn’t lead to loss of property or lives. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of this wall socket include:


  • Affordability: it is very affordable as the single goes for the price of N200-N300, while the double goes for N500-N600, whereas others of better and higher quantity go for as high as double the price for both the single and double.
  • Fancy: it is actually very fancy and looks beautiful in the house, especially when the LED lights are on.


  • Risk of fire outbreak: it is very easy for it to melt and cause fire outbreak, my experience with them have though me that
  • 1581600069-Unitek-wall-socket.jpg
  • Durability: it doesn’t last, the maximum you can use them is one or one and a half years before they either melt or just stop working.

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