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Smart bracelet is another new electronic gadget in the market which functions as a wristwatch, a heartbeat monitor, humidity measuring device, a device that can count the number of steps you had taken when trekking or jogging and also can connect with your phone to show you notifications of messages received, to mention just a few of the functions the smart bracelet can perform, you can call it a hybrid between a smartwatch and sportsmen’s monitor if such exist.

I had been using this device for close to 4months now and will like to share some of its functionalities and review how good it is.  So let do this one after the other


First of all, since it is an electronic gadget, it, therefore, need a source of power to perform its functions, the battery of the smart bracelet last for at least a week without charging, this shows that you won’t need to be looking for a charging port all the time. You can charge it with a laptop or if you don’t have one, just remove the charging cord attached to your charger and plug it in there, you will get three short vibrations to alert you that it is now charging.


One of the functions, I so much love about this product is the number of steps and the number of calories burnt, I know this function will be very important to those who are looking for ways to slim down and probably monitor the number of calories expended during their exercise done by jogging in the morning.


They come in different colours so that you can have that colour that matches your outfit so that the smart bracelet won’t stick out in your attire of the day like a sour thumb.

To conclude this review, I will say that this product really worth the time and money, the only thing is that the manual that comes with it was not properly translated in English; this makes it a bit difficult to understand the actual function of some of the features until you play around it for a while.

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