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Which brand of laptop can you recommend?  

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The laptop performs different functions based on their capacity and this will largely influence your choice of laptop in the market. I have used dell laptops and I can testify that they are durable especially if you are the type that drops your laptop often. Also, I can recommend an acer laptop as they are also durable.

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Well, I can recommend HP laptops, they are also durable and not that expensive, both to purchase and maintain. Just as you have said, the best brand for you may not be the best for me simply because it may not be able to do what I want, which brings us to the specs of the system. If you are using a system with lower specs for higher work, it won't work out fine and you might end up discrediting the system unjustly. So know what you are using it for and ask a technician for a spec that will fit in with your requirements, then you have the best system in the world.