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Bozz sweetened yoghurt is a product of miradeps food and beverage ventures in Nigeria, precisely located in Lagos the capital city of Nigeria, As we all know that yoghurt is a product that Nigeria has a lot of raw material to produce and this been so, I am here to review one of such product In the Nigeria market.

Bozz sweetened yoghurt is a well-packaged yoghurt, the plastic bottle is very handy and enticing to look at, also it had been made with the mindset that the consumer might be in transit and thereby needs something very light and portable with a small handle by the side.

The yoghurt itself is quite sweet but not too sweet, for those that don’t want too much sugar in their diet, this will be a perfect solution, and it has a very faint taste of banana added for more enjoyment for the consumer.

Although Bozz sweetened yoghurt is a bit light in the mouth compared to other yoghurts that I have tasted and as we all know that the thicker the yoghurt, the more concentrated it will be, but I have learnt that many a time, a lot of different people like something due to reasons that others might hate it.

So to conclude my review of Bozz sweetened yoghurt, I will say it is an excellent product, but I would have loved it better if the yoghurt itself can be thicker than what it is now.



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