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Dudu mixed fruits drinks is a popular type of drink in Nigeria, I know many of my readers will have seen or taken it before now but I can say this is my first time of trying out this particular drink which I am sure had been in the market for quite some time now.

The Dudu mixed fruit drink is actually tasty if I can use the word because it contains different types of fruits and it will make a perfect drink for any fruit lover, I don’t know if there are fruit haters on this forum or if it is possible to have people on this earth that doesn’t like fruits.

The fruits that are contained in the drink include pineapple, banana, mango, peach, blackcurrant, apple, orange, and lemon. These are all the fruits written on the pack of the drinks as being contained inside the drink but the particular fruit taste I could easily detect in the drink with my tongue is pineapple, orange and a little bit of mango.

For me not to be biased in this review, am thinking of since it is a mixed fruit drink, even the taste of fruits I said earlier on that I detected might even be the overall taste of the mixed fruit itself, and someone else might detect some other types of fruits which I didn’t detect . So permit me to say, according to my taste buds, the above-mentioned fruits were the ones I could detect in Dudu mixed fruit drink. But I would have loved to detect the banana taste because that is my best fruit ever, also if anyone had tasted other fruits apart from the ones I have mentioned above, you can please let us know also.

To cut the long story short, the drink is really good in taste and due to it having orange among the mixed fruits means it will contain vitamin c, which is one vitamins  you don’t want to miss and the pack is quite big which is want we Nigerians want as we don’t want to pay for something small, before I forget it is also very attractive to the eyes, I will like to commend the company for such a wonderful product.

I will like to review more of anxin industrial technology Nigeria limited products to know if they are very good like Dudu mixed fruits. So people please help me with the types of products that this company is manufacturing and if you have used their products before of even Dudu mixed fruits that I had just reviewed, feel free to review it yourself here so that we can have a different or similar opinion.


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