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Eve orange-flavoured drink is a drink for anyone who wants to avoid the gases in carbonated drinks and at the same time enjoy the taste and pleasure of orange drinks but does this drink measure up to these expectations? Let me share my experience or satisfactions I derived from this drink.

Eve orange-flavoured drink is very sweet, intact over sweet if I may use that word, you will have to really dilute it with a lot of water to really reduce the sweetness to what you might be able to bear, even the instructions on the sachet say one sachet to 2 liters of water , telling you how much really sweet it is.

Eve orange-flavoured drink is also enriched with vitamin C, which of course is one of the major components of orange from which it is gotten.

In general, the product  is quite good if properly  diluted with the right amount of water, the only downside I am experiencing  with this product  is the edge it normally  leaves in the mouth after consumption,  like the edge on the tongue after eating something  that has sour.

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Sweet but too sweet if not properly diluted. 



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