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Bread spread, one of our major sources of fats and oil for our body metabolism and at the same time, one of the reasons why we sometimes look for soft bread because they really enhance the taste of the bread.

So here I am today looking at one of the good bread spread in the Nigerian market and it is called Golden penny bread spread.

Golden penny bread is  good for me in the following ways:

TEXTURE: Golden penny bread spread texture is very smooth both on the bread and even in the mouth, I so much love the texture and it is also very soft if you understand what I mean because I have used some bread spread that is so hard that it will even become a problem for me to be able to spread it on my bread but golden penny bread spread is not like that at all.

TASTE: Golden penny bread spread is very tasty, the taste is just like heaven in my mouth, more or else it is really tasty.

SALTINESS: The salt in Golden penny is very minimal, so for those that didn’t like saltiness, this is the right bread spread for you. But if you are looking for more salt, then you might look for something else. Although I favor more salty bread spreads but I still enjoyed this product due to its taste.

In conclusion, Golden penny bread spread is a very nice product.

Golden penny bread spread
 Golden penny bread spread 2

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