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Habib sweetened yoghurt is yoghurt in a class of its own, I am not helping them to sell their product here but when someone just asked me a question this evening “ have you tasted Habib yoghurt”  to which I replied no, he just gave me a cup to taste and I immediately understood the reason why.

I have been used to yoghurts but when I tasted Habib sweetened yoghurt, I was tempted to ask myself where had this excellent product been hiding.

Let me tell you the reasons in a few paragraphs:

THICKNESS: This is the first time, I will drink yoghurt this thick, it is almost as thick as pap and yet had the taste of yoghurt. I had come across some yoghurt so thin and tasteless but you will find Habib yoghurt in that category.

TASTE: The taste is superb, please don’t allow the sweeten part of the name to deceive you, I could barely taste sugar inside it, it is not too sweet, the sweetness is just moderate.

To conclude this review, the product to me is outstanding and I would love to have it in my drinking glasses once more.

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