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Nice product, although I doubt there is anyone that won’t like yoghurt for any reason because they are mostly sweet and sour at the same time but am a lover of yoghurts right from time and what I use to watch out for in my yoghurt is the sour taste and not even the sweetness.

Due to having tasted different brands of yoghurts, I can say this one is really up to my standard of yoghurt because I have tasted yoghurts that are either too watery, lost their sour taste or just rightly sugary without any reference to the normal characteristics of yoghurt but the brand on them is still saying “yoghurt’’

I really like this their small pack as it is easy to put in any place I can find and carry it along with me, also it is quite cheap although the content is quite small for my long throat.

Other variants of hollandia yoghurt include orange flavor, strawberry flavor, green apple flavor, pure ‘N’ plain flavor, and pineapple flavor, which I can say that out of these, I have only tasted the plain and strawberry flavor, the rest I have not even seen them in the market, so I have not tasted them.

The ingredient used in making this wonderful product are yoghurt base, sugar, stabilizer(E440) and water and it is made in Naija by Chi limited, 14 Chivita Avenue, Ajao Estate, Lagos Nigeria.



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