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I am a lover of yogurts right from the beginning, due to its sour taste, maybe because while we were growing up we were used to garri ijebu, which is super sour due to leftover of acids from fermentation. Let me educate you a bit about the process of making yogurt. Yogurt is made by adding lactic acid bacteria to the milk, this lactic bacteria then starts to ferment the milk under the right temperature, little wonder it is as sour as our ijebu garri and I can draw a conclusion here that whatever is fermented will definitely sour then.

Yogurt is very good for our body due to the nutrients and vitamins that it contains some of which include protein, calcium and vitamin B12 but this is just a little education about yogurt and don’t forget that our own local Fura de Nunu is also a yogurt even though it is not prepared under hygienic conditions by the Fulanis.

Hollandia yogurt is just one of the yogurt in the Nigeria market produced by chi limited, they have different flavors of yogurt such as plain, strawberry, pineapple and coconut flavor e.t.c. although I had tasted the plain and strawberry also but the main focus of today is the pineapple and coconut flavor.

To start with this review, I am a lover of fruits and I guess that most people on this planet also love fruits but we have our favorite fruits, I love pineapple and coconut although I love pineapple more. So my first time tasting this Hollandia pineapple and coconut flavor, the coconut flavor to me was very strong than the pineapple flavor thereby masking the taste of the pineapple. So I can categorically say that if you don’t look at the body of the pack of what you are drinking, you might think that it is Hollandia coconut flavor and not Hollandia pineapple and coconut flavor.

For the lovers of coconut, this will be a very good drink but if you love pineapple more, or you don’t like the taste of coconut, this might not be the drink for you or you might just try other flavors like the plain.

In general, the drink is very okay and nice, remember it didn’t lose its sour taste due to the coconut or pineapple which I always love in yogurts but it is a bit reduced in this particular flavor due to the coconut flavor. This is another reason for anyone who doesn’t want the sour taste to go for this particular flavor.

In general, the taste is nice and the product is a nice value for your money.