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Kellogg’s moons and stars choco cereals is a combination of chocolate flavour which are the stars and banana flavour which are the moons.

Let me briefly explain this, a pack of this product contains two different shapes:

 1.  Moon shaped cereals
 2. Star-shaped cereals

And both of these cereals have a different taste from each other,

The moon-shaped cereals have the taste or flavour of banana in my mouth although I have checked the pack to see whether anything to do with banana is in it but I could not find such and are white in colour

While the star-shaped cereals have the taste of chocolate in my mouth and are brown in colour which is the colour of chocolate.

Well, I actually chew on Kellogg’s moons & stars choco cereals without the addition of milk just to get the real taste but you can try it with milk on your own.

The product is actually good giving that you will be experiencing two different taste in your mouth at the same time (I.e if you want to chew on it as I have done) or even three different taste when you combine it with milk.

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