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Yoghurts naturally had been my favourite drink, maybe due to the sour milk taste they always have or the sweetness they leave in the mouth after consumption, I can’t really say, but what I can say is that I love yoghurts and they will continue to be my favourite drink.

But this L & Z fresh milk yoghurt seems to blow my mind away after consuming it, the taste is very nice and the yoghurt is very thick making it very long-lasting in the mouth coupled with the banana flavor that seems to cling to it in the mouth.

Although they have other flavors like the strawberry and the plain (i.e. the one with the pure milk and no other flavor) the banana flavor is the best I have ever tasted simply because I love bananas and definitely appreciate their lovely taste.

L & Z fresh milk yoghurt is a made in Nigeria product, produced by L-AND-Z Integrated  Farms Nigeria Limited, situated in Fari Village KM 14 Zaria Road, Kano state Nigeria.

If you have tasted this great product, you can let me know how you feel about it, even if it is not the banana flavor, I will like to know if am right or wrong.



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