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Minimie chinchin hot'n'spicy is a really wao! product, to say the least, I was absolutely surprised when I tasted the sample of this product.

Minimie chinchin (hot'n'spicy)  has moderate hardness, it is not too soft nor too hard making it highly chewable but this just the tip of the iceberg.

It contains onions and pepper, what I expect was to start opening my mouth after tasting this product but I was wrong because the pepper it contains is quite small but you will feel the edge of the pepper nonetheless

And let us forget that it contains onions that sweetened the whole mixture to a great deal. In short, I fell in love with this product at first consumption due to the taste but I should not forget that the packaging is also very attractive.

If I am to choose between Minimie chinchin and Minimie chinchin hot'n'spicy, I will definitely go for the later.


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