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I will like to just state what I see in Minimie chinchin that can make me purchase it again, knowing that chinchin is just another snack one can use for quick lunch in the absence of very good food.

Crunchiness: Minimie chinchin is very crunchy; I like the crunch, crunch sound it makes in my mouth whenever I am munching on it.

Sugary: I could nearly detect no sugar in the chinchin because the sugar content is very minute, so instead of sugar, there is one unique taste of baked flour that seems to cover and sweeten Minimie chinchin.

Softness: Minimie chinchin is quite soft but not too soft to lose its crunchiness, it is just at the right texture.

Although I could not feel the taste of butter in Minimie chinchin this snack is still worth its salt.



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