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Munch It cheese flavour is a corn product made with cheese powder and some other ingredients that will tantalize your taste bud, I have just devoured a packet just now and here is my observation:

The Munch It cheese flavour is moderately sweet when compared to its other flavour, that is extremely sweet and crunchy, so if you are looking for something very sweet and crunchy, you will need to go for the other flavour of munch it.

Another thing is that Munch It cheese flavour is quite hot or peppery when it is in the mouth, this is not to say it contains pepper but the taste looks like something similar to pepper and the chips inside are coated with something reddish thereby making it look like pepper.

In conclusion, Munch it cheese flavour is nice for those that do not want something too sweet in their mouth.

Munch it cheese flavour
Munch it cheese flavour back view
 Munch it cheese flavour with chips outside