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Munch it, just as the name suggests is a snack meant for you to munch while you are feeling for a surprise munch.

munch it

I tasted this snack yesterday and the least I can say is that am very impressed with it, it is neither too soft nor too hard as it is made from corn, which had been processed to what I will call pop and then garnished with milk, honey e.t.c which makes this product irresistible, in fact, I could not stop at one but had to munch two at a go and the price is just fifty nairas.

Let me just list the ingredient used to produce it, corn, palm oil, salt, sugar, milk solids, honey powder. And for those that are allergic to gluten, sulfites, and celery, be aware that this product contains it, so be advised to steer away from it. But if you are like me without these allergies, I would recommend that you taste this product and tell me if it is not totally irresistible. 😍 😍 😍 

Munch it.