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This is the first time I will eat a biscuit we can find anywhere but that makes one feel like eating a biscuit bought from the supermarket, this biscuit will definitely create a class for itself soon.

I have known the Noreos biscuit for a lot of years back and I loved it but this one is quite different, and here are what makes it different.

Let start with the package, the package is very attractive inside and outside, from the nylon to the Noreos stix themselves. Once the nylon is torn, you will find yourself facing six stix of the Noreos stacked in another plastic that can be used to hold the wafers conveniently while devouring the wafers.


Another is the wafers themselves, they are quite soft, so when they get into your mouth, they don’t give that crunchy sound but rather blend with the center fill of the wafer, thereby blending the wafer with the sweetness at the same time making it extremely delicious and before I forget, the wafers are made with chocolate, which has its own special sweet taste.

Finally, it is just a fifty naira biscuit, so making it affordable to at least some more people who might not want to spend much on biscuits because we all know that the economy is quite hard.

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Generally, I like Noreos  products but I am yet to taste this one.

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Nice product 👍 👍 👍 , but the biscuit is too light, even after consuming  3 packs of it, it will look like you have not eaten anything at all.



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