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At first glance, oxford groundnut cookies may not look like something you are looking for because most people prefer milk or honey or anything sweeter but forgetting that some things are not very sweet but very pleasant to taste.

Oxford groundnut cookies

Oxford groundnut cookies is not a biscuit that is very sweet but it is very pleasant to the taste bud, so pleasant that I have to devour not one but two to satisfy my hunger for the taste of this biscuit.

It is not too soft neither is it too hard that you would have to worry about toothache after eating it and if you turn the biscuit over, you will find groundnut granules embedded into each cookie for your eating delight.

But to those who are allergic to the following: wheat, gluten, milk, soya and peanut, it will be advisable to stay off this product or seek medical advice before consuming it, but for anyone like me without these allergies please enjoy this good product.

oxford groundnut cookies.
 oxford groundnut cookies..
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I have not tasted this biscuit but I know that oxford is an old name in biscuit, if not for anything  remember  the good old cabin biscuit manufactured by the same oxford, we eat that biscuit tire for church and birthdays when growing up.


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