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Pure bliss rich cocoa biscuit is the real deal for cocoa lovers and those that love anything chocolate in nature, I don’t know if chocolate still destroys our teeth the way our parents made us believe when growing up but I can bet you that there is nothing like the taste of chocolate on the tongue.

So looking at a biscuit made with the same material that chocolate is made from will already give you the impression of how it will taste like in the mouth but that is not part of my interest here in this review.

The taste of pure bliss rich cocoa biscuit can be best described as the taste of pure concentrated cocoa, which is very sweet but later, turns quite bitter at the end.

And the biscuit itself is just the right texture, I.e. not too hard nor soft so that you can enjoy a crunchy chocolate flavor in the mouth.

Finally, pure bliss rich cocoa biscuit sure does make my day both in taste and quality.

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