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Freshyo yoghurt

Blue boat freshyo is a brand of yoghurt made in Nigeria and for the Nigerians, as the name freshyo implies, I would say it simply connotes fresh yoghurt and I believe that am right because the taste in my mouth is truly still fresh.

What will first attract you after puncturing the pack is the aroma of the yoghurt, this I can say is really captivating and will make your salivary glands to wake up very fast even before you take the first sip and after taking the first sip, it will be very difficult to remove your mouth from it due to the sweetness even after the pack is empty.

freshyo yoghut

I really enjoyed this product the first day I used it and will definitely still have some more later on, and another thing is that they have small packs that you can easily buy if you are on low budget and it is very refreshing to the body and it is pink in colour for those who are lovers of anything pink.

Blue boat freshyo brand or simply freshyo has the seal of NAFDAC and produced by Caraway Africa Nigeria Limited situated Plot A, Amuwo Odofin Industrial Scheme, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos.

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I love this product, especially this particular flavour and yet I didn’t know that it was manufactured in Nigeria, this is really a wonderful and refreshing product.