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Oil is one the classes of food, i.e. fats and oil and it plays a major factor in our daily diet, it is very rare that you will find a food without fats or oil, even the common biscuits our children eat contains fats and oil not to talk of the fried and roasted chickens which is one of our most delicious food.

To this effects, Nutritionist has warned people to desist from eating oils that are detriment to their health because it is what they take in every day and some of these oils are impure or manufactured by processes that are injurious to health, in fact, they are silent killers and will build up in the body until they trigger the body to start misbehaving, like the arteries getting clogged by deposit of fats.

Well, let move straight to the point, since am here to review grand pure soya oil, although I just though the brief education might be necessary but I wouldn’t want to bore you out.

Grand pure soya oil is an oil manufactured from soya beans, which is very good for our health, in fact, if you are allergic to cow milk, you can take soya milk as a supplement which is made also from the soya bean. Below are some of my observations during the usage of this product:

The Grand pure soya oil is pure:

The Grand Pure Soya Oil is very pure, how I wish the manufacturers use a transparent plastic container for this product so that you can see how pure it is even before buying it, but I have taken the pain to pour it out into a transparent plastic so that you can see the pureness below


The Grand Pure Soya oil doesn’t bleach:

I am someone who likes bleaching oils especially when am about to fry things which I love to do before I fry, I will put the oil into the frying pan and wait until the colour starts to change before I put in whatever I will like to fry, I was surprised that the colour of Grand Pure soya oil didn’t change at all.

The Grand Pure Soya oil doesn’t coagulate:

I know we are all familiar with oil that sleeps as the common term goes, which is one of the signs that the oil in question is not good for consumption If we apply this test to Grand Pure Soya oil, it will pass the test because in the layman’s term, the oil no dey sleep.

The oil is certified by the Nigerian heart foundation, the NIS and enriched with vitamin A. This product is produced in Nigeria by Grand Cereals Limited situated at KM 17, Zawan roundabout Jos, Nigeria. Grand Cereals Limited is a subsidiary of UAC.


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I have not used this product before but from what you have described I am tempted to try this product, it looks so pure from the plastics bottle and doesn't look quite red like the vegetable oil even though they are from the same plant source and it doesn't bleached which is a very good sign, I will surely try this someday soon.


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