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If you are looking for a change in swallow, like the way it is called on the street, then you might have to check out spectra hyfiba made with sorghum and soy meal, but you might need to wait for me to give you a review after devouring one. And for anyone that wants to know what is swallow, it is simply any food in Nigeria that you don't have to chew but have to swallow using soups, some very common swallow in Nigeria includes Eba, Amala, Fufu, Tuwo, Wheat, Semo Vita e.t.c

So back to my review of spectra hyfiba, these are some of the things that I noticed about the product:

TEXTURE: The texture of spectra hyfiba is very smooth, you can easily mould it into a very smooth morsel between your finger for onward transmission to the stomach territory, it tends to harden if you leave it for a while but this does not affect the texture in any way.

SMELL: Spectra hyfiba has no smell whatsoever, I know that some people are turned off eating fufu basically due to the smell that it emits but trust me, this product does not have such a smell.

COLOUR: The colour of the prepared spectra hyfiba is a way between brown and mild black, if you are not in favour of black swallow, then this is a sure bet swallow for you.

PACKAGE: The 500g package is for a very small family, this is only the point that I can count against this product, but even with this, I can still rate this product high due to the aforementioned points, I encourage people to try this product so that we can have more unbiased reviews to check if I am correct.



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