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When I first tasted spectra suco cocoa powder drink, I was like wao! I never believed that Nigeria can produce something this good that can compete even with international brand, but why don’t I just brief you on what spectra suco cocoa powder drink is and what makes it stand out.

Spectra suco cocoa powder is a beverage drink made with cocoa, just like Bournvita, Milo e.t.c, which you can use to make your tea and use either as part of breakfast or just as a refreshing drink to wash down your menu.

So back to the main point which is spectra suco cocoa powder drink, let me highlight a few points about this product that makes it stands out,


Once the tea I made with spectra suco cocoa powder hits my tongue, there was this undeniable taste of cocoa, it was so rich and think that you won’t need anyone to tell you that it was made from pure cocoa.


The sugar content of this beverage is very moderate but what I noticed is that you don’t need sugar if you want to enjoy this drink and another thing is that this beverage comes in two types, the ones that contain sugar and the one that doesn’t contain sugar, so the one I taste is the sweetened one due to the fact that I thought the unsweetened one will be bitter due to the high concentration of cocoa.

These are some of the attributes of spectra suco cocoa powder, that made me fall in love with this product but there are some improvements that I would like to recommend, one of such is a bigger pack for people with larger family as this will enable them to enjoy the product for a longer time and this will also be useful for even anyone.


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