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The timeless Tom Tom candy is what almost everyone knows but I am yet to see anyone telling us how the candy is or what makes the candy special or not, so here am I again writing about that because I presently have two Tom Tom candies in my mouth.

Tom Tom candy is candy, unlike other sweet candies that is meant to perform a specific function, which is clear your throat or airways as some prefer to call it.

So here comes my review of this product, Tom Tom actually clears my throat due to the strong menthol it contains and at the same time sweet in my mouth, although not as sweet as some other ordinary candies out there.

It also soothes the tongue, like making it feels cold and the menthol taste last for quite a long time in my mouth.

It also has other flavours like Honey lemon flavour and strawberry flavour which I am yet to taste but will definitely share my experience of it here once I taste it but if you are faster than me, please do well to share it with us.