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Tropical sun crunchy coconut peanuts are actually delicious peanut food wrapped with the taste of coconut but to give a very full review of tropical foods crunchy peanuts, I will like to go into details of what and what actually makes it very delicious.

  1. The coconut taste blended into the peanuts is something you don’t want to miss while at the same time, a taste that won’t want to leave your taste buds for some time.


  1. The peanuts are not roasted but rather baked, thereby adding additional flavour to the crunchy peanuts, and talking of the peanuts if there is another word that best describes crunchiness better, I would have used it because it is actually very crunchy.


  1. Finally the peanuts last a long time for you to enjoy your consumption, they don’t get soft easily so meaning they retain their crunchiness for a long period of time, all you have to do after opening the seal of your tropical food crunchy coconut peanut to make sure that you use the plastic cover to recover it back and you can come back to enjoy your crunchy peanuts once again.

 There is something that I found in the tropical sun crunchy coconut peanuts package that I don’t yet understand and will like to know if it is actually okay to have such in an edible food package, the picture is posted below:




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