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vita milk

Vita milk is the brand name of a product manufactured by Gentle Giants Company in Thailand, and the product is alternative milk for those that don’t want to take cow milk but rather plant milk.

This product is made with soya bean and is a good alternative to goat milk, cow milk, almond milk or even rice milk provided you can’t take any of the milk listed above due to allergies, health conditions or even due to your ethics.

I was privileged to taste this product and here are my observations/reviews of the product:


The taste is very nice and not sugary, showing the product was manufactured without the additions of artificial additives like sugar and also it’s kind of light in the mouth, i.e. like a bit watery showing that it contains a high percentage of water, making it ideal for me because water is very essential for digestion, unlike the cow milk that is quite heavy in the mouth and might not easily digest after consumption


It is a bottled product with liquid content, the bottle is quite moderate and the price tag attached to it also moderate and affordable. To cut this review short I fell in love with this product the first time I tasted it and will definitely taste it again.

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This is a product I can give ? ? ? ? ? , it is really a nice product, I love the taste, and come to think of it, we were taught in school that plant protein is better than animal protein. meaning in the long run plant milk is better than animal milk due to little or no fat in the milk.

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A nice product but my concern is that it is a foreign product and we have soya bean in Nigeria, what is stopping us from manufacturing this type of product in Nigeria and creating jobs for ourselves?