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The academic staff union of universities (ASUU) has resisted the federal government order to be integrated into the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information (IPPIS) stating that it will hamper the autonomy of the Nigerian universities. Earlier on during the year, the office of the accountant general of the federation had given between November 25 and December 7 for the enrolment of the staff of federal universities and college of educations to register in the scheme, which will facilitate the payment of their December salary.

As we speak, UNN has confirmed that none of its staff has enrolled in the scheme as at the time of this report, while a lot of others universities staffs have also decline to do so due to the fact that ASUU had directed its members not to do so due to the reason that it will hamper their autonomy and that it is a scam by the federal government to neglect some of the agreements they had earlier consent to with the union and also that some federal government parastatals are still also not included in the scheme, some of these includes employees of the central bank of Nigeria(CBN), employees of the federal inland revenue service(FIRS) and employees of Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation( NDIC).

The IPPIS had been in existence since April 2007 and  an arm of the office of the accountant general of the federation, it functions listed below:

  • Management of federal government employees records
  • Payment of Salary and Wages to Federal government employees
  • Deductions of taxes and other third party payments
  • Remittance of payroll deductions to third party
  • Enrolment of employees into the IPPIS database

You can still check out more on their website here

But looking at the functions of IPPIS, it can be said that what the federal government is proposing is right but it might have to make it all-encompassing so that it will not leave anyone out and also it will need to settle some agreements made with the union before making such proposals.

Although no threat had been made by the federal government that it won’t pay any federal university staff yet to be enrolled in the scheme this December but it is quite expected by the staff already as the University of Ibadan have issued a no pay, no work. This means if the federal government didn’t release their pay this December, the Nigerian student will have to prepare for a strike next year.


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ASUU and strike are like brothers and sisters, you cannot separate both at all, the only party I pitied in this scenario is the innocent Nigerian student trying to gain knowledge at any cost only to be delayed by parties that behaves like they don't even care about the students at all. when they finally release the student from their grip into the labour market, then he will be told by the employer why he stayed so long in school, God will just help us.

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ASUU strike hit students like me in Federal Schools differently. Yes, students tend to use this period positively, while many others tend to develop bad habits in this period. Nigeria Government needs to ensure they tackle this issue due to the effect it has on us, students. Your article has really gotten my interest and I am going to bookmark your blog and keep checking for new details every week.
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