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The academic staff union of universities (ASUU) has continued to dare the order of the federal government on the enrollment of its members in the integrated payroll and personnel information system (IPPIS).

Speaking on this, the chairman of the union, Dr. Austen Sado, University of Portharcourt branch, explained that the union members have received their December salary despite not enrolling on the IPPIS platform and won't enroll on the platform because it will dissolve the autonomy of the universities systems as the council of the universities that have the power to hire, fire and payroll will no longer be functional thereby making them dependent on the federal government directly through the IPPIS.

He further stated that the union will not hesitate to go on strike in January 2020 should the federal government decided to withhold their salaries due to their stance against the enrollment of their members on the IPPIS platform.

The federal government had earlier said that any member of the union who was yet to be registered on the platform would be denied of their December salary of which the union responded with a strike threat.

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Actually, when am looking at this scenario and the take of ASUU on the issue, I will like to point out that ASUU is partly dependent on the federal government because if the federal government does not pay their salaries they the schools cannot pay their staff salaries so if ASUU wants to have their autonomy as they claim, they will need to devise ways of generating revenues that can take care of their salaries and expenses or else they will still in one way or the other dance to the tune of the federal government.


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