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Top 300 Universities in Africa

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I finish fro the university of Benin and am seeing it on Number 101, it is like the university of Benin is offering GST 101. God help us o, if this list is just for Africa, how about the world ranking? only God knows the number my former school will fall in. Well since the laboratory are dilapidated, what research can come out of there?

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If you look at the list very well, the first four slots were claimed by South Africa, that we helped to end  ‎apartheid in their country. judging the incessant strikes and the underfunding of the Nigeria educational system, I won't say this list is not justified because our educational system is in shambles, thats why Nigerians are not even ashamed to go to Ghana to have their university degree.

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Lack of update in our educational system is our problem, we are always the last to catch up and even sometimes when they know they are outdated, they will act as if it is normal to be and technology is an evil to avoid.

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