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BRT increases fair by 50%

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Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bus Rapid Transport, have said fares will increase by about 50 per cent.

On Thursday, the company said it got approval from the regulator of the sector, the Lagos State Metropolitan Area Transport Authority, to increase the fares.

The News Agency of Nigeria earlier reported that the company withdrew its services on Monday due to losses caused by the new guidelines of government which restricted the number of commuters on BRT to 20 per trip instead of 70.

The BRT Managing Director, Mr Fola Tinubu, told NAN that the management of the company would resolve the issues after a meeting with government.

After the meeting, Tinubu said agreement had been reached for the fares to be increased.

He said, “We are going to increase our pricing effective from Friday, May 29 (today). We agreed on this after our talk with the Lagos State Government.

“Everywhere commuters are paying N200 for a trip, it is going to be N300 and everywhere commuters are paying N300 per trip, it is going to be N500.

“We are increasing our fares. We have secured the permission of the regulator, Lagos State Metropolitan Area Transport Authority.”

He said the number of passengers on the buses would also be increased to 42, with no passenger standing on buses as against 20 earlier approved by the government.

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Transport fare has already  increase from the commercial  drivers because the government  has limited the number of persons they can transport per trip so to make up for the loss in the passenger, they increased the fare so as to cover the loss this is understandable  because they are working for themselves and therefore have to bear the brunt of all the cost but what happened to the government buses called brt? They are doing the same abi, free two month electricity  for the citizens  to cushion  the effect of the covid 19 , no way and now hike in their transport system.



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