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On getting to Ikeja electric distribution this afternoon flexing my muscles for a good fight due to the fact that they have really tried my patience for close to six months now and their offense was that they refuse to reconciled my payment of N18,500 paid to their account so that it can reflect on my bill, on for me to get there and meet the security men at the gate who told me that their staff are on indefinite strike, I was quite shocked and at the same time baffled.

A lady I met at the gate was even the one I pitied the most because her case was quite pathetic, she made a mistake to pay on her postpaid account whereas her intention was to pay on her prepaid account, and there was no one on the Ikeja discos premises to attend to her except the security men.

So what could have caused this unpalatable experience?

The first source of my information was the security man at the gate who informed me that it was the unions that descended on Ikeja electric distribution this morning and force a close down of business until further notice but on further digging of the root of the problem I was able to gather the following information

Some of the staffs of the defunct power holding company of Nigeria(PHCN) numbering about 2000 are yet to be paid their benefits since 2013 while some of them were underpaid, don’t forget that the PHCN was dissolved to create the GENCOs and DISCOs.

Another is that some of these DISCOs refuse to remit the statutory pension deductions made on their staff to the respective workers' pension fund administrators, which should be criminalized for any company to do, and finally, some of the staff of the DISCOs are paid half salary.

I was surprised to learn all this, I mean with the outrageous bills were given to the customers and all that and yet the DISCOs are still defaulting in almost all their employees benefit, this is a very serious issue that shouldn’t be treated lightly.

Anyway, we are in absolute darkness as I am writing this post now and I will like to know if this palaver is nationwide, please let us know if your DISCOs are under lock and key as we speak or if you have been denied electricity without cause.

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