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Barely twenty-four hours after which the national union of electricity employees (NUEE) forced a shutdown of all DISCOs and GENCOs across the country due to some grievances between them and the promises made before the privatization of the sector, some which had not been attended to as far back as 2013. The union has just announced that it has suspended its industrial action due to the discussion that took place between them and the federal government between yesterday and today’s morning.

The union has directed all its members to return back to their duty post as this had resulted into a total blackout across the nation but will be monitoring the action of the federal government to see if they will stay true to their promise and address the issues they have raised during the industrial action that lasted for just twenty-four hours.

For those that are not too familiar with the issues raised by the national union of electricity workers during the hours-long industrial actions, it bothers on the issues of maltreatments of their members by their employees i.e. the DISCOs and the GENCOs some of which are half payment of salaries due, non-remittance of their members deducted contributory pensions to their respective pension fund administrators and a host of other issues to mention just a few.

We hope that the dialogue the union has will help solve the problem and restore sanity to the power sector and a lasting solution to the epileptic power supply in the country.

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Ikeja electric just brought back our light since yesterday, this is an attestation that their strike is truly over but according to this post, should the federal government back out of the discussions made with the union earlier today, we will be back to square one, this reminds me of a popular union like that in Nigeria "ASUU"

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